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Why Giving Is Really Hidden Selling

By Jo Han Mok

I was listening to Joe Vitale's best-selling Nightingale-Conant tape set, The Power of Outrageous Marketing.

Joe's hypnotic voice took me on a road trip.

"Who was the REAL beneficiary behind Bill Phillip's Body For Life Challenge?" he asked on the tapes.

It rang in my head and bounced off the walls of my brain like a rubber ball. I was in deep thought.

There is probably hardly a soul on this planet who has not seen those touching "Before" and "After" pictures and how the Body For Life Challenge has radically improved their lives. People were touched. People were motivated. Who did not want to undertake their own Body For Life Campaign and try to get trim?

But aside from implementing your 20-minute aerobic solution and grazing on 6 wholesome meals with nothing but quality fat-free, low-calorie food, what else do you need to accelerate your results?

Is it no surprise that EAS Supplements just POP right into your head immediately?

Bill Phillips was the CEO of EAS at that time. Now he's probably enjoying life on some tropical island somewhere, savoring his Myoplex Deluxe.

How much do you think EAS made from the Body For Life Challenge, and all its other sources of ancillary revenue like its Muscle Media magazine..which promotes more EAS supplements and success stories of Body For Life?

How would you feel if every success story credited their stunning success to proper supplementation of EAS products and they would never have done it without the help of EAS?

Would you want to run out to your friendly neighborhood GNC to buy a truckload of that stuff?

"Who was the REAL beneficiary behind Bill Phillip's Body For Life Challenge?"

You guess.

Yet on the surface, Bill Phillips gave hope to overweight people and changed the life of hundreds of thousands, and reaffirmed people, that they could do it, too!! And of course, the unseen bracket after that statement would imply (if they used EAS Supplements).

It stirred within me a stunning revelation of the REAL key to unlocking the secret of wealth and abundance.

Giving is really hidden selling!!

The truth about selling is, if you're gonna sell something, you'll encounter resistance. Doesn't matter if you're a Zig Ziglar or not. Even Zig Ziglar could not achieve a 100% sales closure rate.

But if you want to GIVE something, guess how much resistance you'll encounter?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Not only will you NOT meet any resistance, but chances are people will RUSH to GRAB your gift with open arms. They cannot help but love you and think good things of you when you give them something.

When I started out writing copy I offered to write for FREE. I put in 10,000% of myself in these "free" services.

Were people impressed? You bet. Did they like me? How could they not? I delivered everything for free.

How would you think my "free" clients would feel about me when they start gaining a lifetime of profits from a sales letter I wrote for them --- for free?

If all I asked for was just a testimonial for my services rendered, what kind of testimonial would they write for me?

Would they have any problems writing me a raving testimonial?

Would they be willing to refer MORE clients to me?

Did I gain credibility from all the testimonials I acquired? Did my giving of myself work?

I think it did. I literally have people banging on my door asking me to write copy for them.

Recap: On the surface, it's seem like I gave myself away as a copywriter. Let's reframe that: I SOLD myself as a copywriter. Claude Hopkins said, "The best way to sell anything is to give away a free sample!"

I was selling, through giving!!! Can you think of a MORE POWERFUL method to sell?

I think not.

One of the most powerful engines behind giving is the Law of Reciprocity. It's human nature to want to give back when you receive something for free.

The Hare Krishnas knew that, and had a field day in soliciting funds by walking up to people and putting flowers in their lapel pockets.

Think about it. You'd feel literally OBLIGATED to give back if you were caught in the same situation.

That being said, however, the REAL key to giving is NOT to expect anything in return. You cannot GIVE if you're expecting to get. A gift will cost you something. To qualify as a gift, it MUST cost you something.

The Biblical King David puts this very aptly when he had an issue with burnt offerings and said:

"I will not offer unto the Lord something that costs me nothing!"

It seems paradoxical, but if you give without any expectation, you'll receive MORE because you never did expect anything in return.

Meditate on that.

Lastly, it's not my intention to preach, but something metaphysical happens when you tithe. A tithe is simply offering 10% of your gross income back to society.

In organized religion, it is regarded as giving back 10% to God.

When you do that, you'll not only experience spiritual fulfillment, but it also opens up more gateways for you to receive more abundance into your life. You can see it as good karma.

As an interesting fact, the area of tithing is the only part in the Christian Bible which allows Christians to actually CHALLENGE God by tithing, in Malachi 3:10:

"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this, says the Lord of hosts, If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it."

You may or may not subscribe to this, but as my favorite author C.S Lewis puts it so eloquently:

"It's a win/win situation. Either way, you win!"



Jo Han Mok is my co-author on the book, "E-Code." He is the Director of my Hypnotic Marketing Institute at http://www.HypnoticMarketingInstitute.com , President of Super Fast Profit Enterprise, and has been featured on America's #1 Personal Development Show alongside Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen and other top achievers, as the Internet's foremost expert on Joint Venture Marketing. Visit his portal site and find out how Jo Han can help explode your sales and triple your time off in under 7 days. See his main website at http://www.SuperFastProfit.com


by Jo Han Mok


我当时正在听 Joe Vitale 的畅销音带《夜莺康南特》系列,“非凡销售的威力”。

(译者注:“夜莺康南特”,指世界最大励志培训机构 Nightingale-Conant Corporation,由 Lloyd Conant 创建。Lloyd Conant 是受著名财富著作《华莱士财富宣言》启发,创建该机构。而这本书和拿破仑-希尔的《思考致富》、奥格-曼狄诺的《世界上最伟大的推销员》(羊皮卷)并称世界三大励志著作)。

Joe 特有催眠式声音带领着我的思维驰骋徜徉。

“谁是 Bill Phillip 的‘完美塑身,迎接生活挑战’的真正受益者?”他在音带中问道。





无怪乎 EAS 公司的营养配餐会立即跳入你的脑海。

Bill Phillips 当时是 EAS 公司的总裁。现在他可能正在每个热带海岛上,享受着他的 Myoplex Deluxe 营养配餐呢。

你能想象 EAS 从“完美塑身,迎接生活挑战”计划以及其它的副业中获取多少盈利吗?(这些副业中包括《肌肉媒体》杂志等,并通过这些媒介推广更多的 EAS 的配餐和“完美身材与生活”的成功故事)。

如果每一个成功故事,都将他们的惊人的成就归功于 EAS 的配餐产品,并声称“没有 EAS 的帮助,我们不可能有此成就”,你又如何感想呢?

你是否也迫不及待的想到就近的 GNC 营养食品专卖店买上一大堆 EAS 的产品回来试试?

“谁是 Bill Phillip 的‘完美塑身,迎接生活挑战’的真正受益者?”


表面看来,Bill Phillips 给超重的人以希望,他改变了成千上万的人的生活,并对所有人重申:你们也能做到!而这句话后面隐藏起来的带括号的话是——(如果你使用 EAS 的营养配餐的话)。

这件事在我心里翻滚,给了我一个震撼性的启示 —— 一个解锁财富和富裕秘密的真正钥匙。


而销售本身呢 —— 实际情况是,只要你是在“卖”什么东西,你就肯定会遇到阻力。即便你是 Zig Ziglar (畅销书作家和天才演说家)也不行,因为 Zig Ziglar 也不能保证所有的销售都能100%的成交。













重申:表面看来,我将自己作为一个“广告文撰写者”布施出去。把这句话重新表述一下:我将自己作为一个“广告文撰写者”卖了出去。美国广告学家克劳德·霍普金斯(Claude Hopkins)说过:“销售任何东西的最好方法,就是给出一份免费的样品!”




Hare Krishna (哈瑞-奎师那教派,印度教的一支)的教士们懂得这一点,所以他们走到信徒们面前,在他们的上衣口袋里插上一只鲜花,就会收到可观的奉献。













你也许并不认可上面的话。但是,正如我最喜欢的作家 C.S Lewis 说的那样:



Jo Han Mok 是我的新书《E-Code》的合作者。他还是我的“催眠营销学院”(http://www.HypnoticMarketingInstitute.com)的主管,“超速利润企业”的总裁,并和 Tony Robbins,Mark Victor Hansen 等一起,作为合资营销的首席专家,出席过“美国顶尖个人发展展览会”。请访问他的网站,看看他是如何能在7天内让你的业务狂涨而同时将你的休假时间增加到原来的3倍:http://www.SuperFastProfit.com



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