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My Great Confession

Okay, I'll confess.

I found it hard to believe I would receive money if I gave money.

It just sounded like such a con, like a strategy promoted by people who wanted me to give money to them.

Well, I was too smart for that.

I decided that I would not give money, but that I would instead give books.

That's right. Books. I had plenty of books. Since I had worked as a New Age journalist and book reviewer for many years, I had collected a lot of books. I had more than I needed. Why not give some of them away?

I still remember making the decision. I was lying in bed in Houston, where I lived at the time, reflecting on how to get prosperous.

I remember thinking, "I can become the richest man in America in terms of books."

And right then and there I decided to try out the giving principle on books.

Within days I had called a few friends over and let them pick out books. I didn't let them pick out any books or all my books, of course. But I pulled a few piles of books out and let my friends take what they wanted.

Then, over the course of the next few months, whenever I gave a talk someplace, I also gave out books. I found it a terrific way to hold attention. Whenever someone's attention seemed to wander, I announced a free book for the next person who asked me a question. Everyone in the room perked up.

And when I moved into this country estate where I now live, I set about 25 boxes of books in the garage. I then threw a housewarming party and had people come over. I told them that before they left, they were encouraged to go through the boxes and take what they wanted. Everyone did. One person took so many books that he needed a dolly to wheel them to his car.

What was the result of my grand book-giving?

Ever since the day in Houston when I decided to give books to receive books, I have always had an abundance of books.

And today I own one of the largest book collections in the world on marketing, and another on metaphysics.

People see my collection whenever they visit here and are in awe.

What they don't understand is this:

Books will always come to me because I always give books.

I was activating the great giving principle, but on books.

Today I know to give money to receive money. And as a result, I have money, far more than I ever did when I lived in Houston.

But in those early days, when I feared losing money and wanted to hold on to all I had, all I could allow myself to give were books.

As a result, books came.

Listen and learn: Give what you want to receive.

"We must not try to fix the avenues through which our good is to come. There is no reason for thinking that what you give will come back through the one to whom you gave it."

--Charles Fillmore, Prosperity













在接下来的几个月里,只要我有机会演讲,我就会实施我的送书行动。而且,我发现,这是一个极好的吸引大家注意力的方法。不论什么时候,只要我看到有人走神了,我就会宣布:下一个向我提问的人可以获得一本免费赠书。于是屋里所有的人立刻 振奋起来。

后来我搬到了我现在住的这个乡间别墅。我在车库里放了大约25箱书,然后开了一个乔迁庆宴,邀请朋友们来聚会。我告诉大家,在他们离开之前,他们可以到车库里任意挑选自己喜爱的书。每个人都去挑了。有一个人甚至因为挑的书太多,以至于需要用一个手推车来帮他 把书运到自己的车上。












-- Charles Fillmore, 《富足》